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When is the event?

Saturday, April 6, 2024, 10AM - 2PM

Where is the event?

Vienna Community Center, 100 Cherry St SE, Vienna, VA 22180.

Who is Get Healthy Vienna! presented by? 

Get Healthy Vienna! Expo 2024 is organized by the Vienna Business Association (VBA) Health, Wellness and Fitness Committee. The committee is dedicated to enhancing the health, wellness and fitness of our community by connecting and promoting the businesses and organizations providing services, solutions and resources that positively transform people’s lives. Our goals are to educate, engage and transform lives, through collaboration, networking, educational events and engaging the community.


What information or activities does this event offer?

Businesses and organizations dedicated to the health, wellness and fitness of consumers and the community will be on hand to share and provide information about their unique services. In addition, experts across the health, wellness and fitness space will give “Well Talks” – a type of Ted Talk for wellness – on important topics that are relevant to a cross-section of the community.

Do you have a rain date?

No, the event is primarily inside

How much are tickets?

The event is free for attendees

Who can come?

The event is free for adults and children of all ages.

Do children's activities cost money?

Almost all kid's activities are free!

What about parking?

Resident can walk via the WO&D Trail, look for street parking or find public lots here. (link to lots) Click for public lots.


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