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10:30 a.m.

Identifying the Drivers of Chronic Illness

Dr. David Gustitus, Owner, Whole Body Health Chiropractic

• Deepen your understanding of how chronic stress  impacts your health.

• Identify common stress-related symptoms signaling declining health.

• Help you create an action plan to reduce the long-term      impact of stress.

11:30 Panel

A Positive Youth Sports Experience: Lessons for Young Athletes and Their Parents

Young athletes eventually grow up. Their experiences and what they learn in youth sports can shape their overall outlook, mental health, long-term physical health and success in adulthood. Hear from former local (VYI and high school) athletes who grew up in the Vienna/Oakton area and competed at the collegiate level, as they share some wisdom from their journey along with tips and insights for both young athletes and their parents. Our former Vienna-Oakton “stars” will be available for photos, questions and casual conversation until 1:30 p.m.


Nick Dorka

James Madison H.S. – FOOTBALL: College of William and Mary, Canadian Football League, International Football League

Katie Kerrigan  

James Madison H.S. – LACROSSE, James Madisson University, DI National Champions (2018), Women’s Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL)

Trey Ramsey

PVI/James Madison H.S. – BASEBALL, Princeton University

Jack Traxler

James, Madison H.S. -  SOCCER: Catholic University

1:00 PM

Sound Bath Demonstration

Paloma Jimenez-Raika, Mond, Body, Paloma

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